YESI PROPERTY is the property investing division of YESI EDUCATION. We acquire residential properties across Australia with the goal of generating strong capital growth (asset appreciation & wealth creation) while providing the business with an additional, diversified, low-volatility revenue stream (rental income).

We see residential property as an essential human need which of course makes this particular type of financial asset less volatile than stocks and other investment options.

These are the key reasons why we choose to invest in Australian property:

-Potential for capital growth. Property prices in Australian cities have experienced strong growth cycles over the past decades due to the supply-demand imbalance. Capital cities like Sydney and Melbourne regularly rank among the most unaffordable markets globally.

-Tax benefits. Australian tax law provides some incentives for property investors, such as negative gearing and the capital gains tax discount. Interest payments and other costs can be deducted against other income.

-Stable economy. Australia’s economy has experienced almost 30 years of uninterrupted growth. The banking system is also strong and well regulated compared to other countries. This provides some insulation from housing market crashes.

-Strong population growth. Australia has experienced rapid population growth in recent decades, mostly driven by immigration. A growing population increases demand for housing.

-Limited land supply. In cities like Sydney and Melbourne, geographic constraints limit the amount of new property that can be built. Limited supply amid rising demand puts upward pressure on prices.

-Strong and transparent property rights. Australia scores well on international rankings for its property rights and ownership protections. This gives investors confidence in the system.

-Lifestyle appeal. Australia offers a desirable climate and lifestyle for many, driving increased demand for properties in Australia, not only from local investors but also from foreign investors which see high value in Australian property.